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    Consolation, establishment and implementation of industrial slaughterhouse

    Surplus Water And Collecting System ,Slaugther Salon,Coold Stores

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    Lunched more than 35 industrial slaughterhouse in Iran

    Tehran - Isfahan- - Yazd - Talesh - Bonab - Ilam - Fars
    Shahr Kord - Gorgan - Sabzevar - Gilan - Zahedan

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    Lunched more than 10 industrial slaughterhouse internationally

    Ethiopia - Addis Ababa - Syria - Damascus - Lebanon - Beiryt - Armenia - Cossack - Georgi

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    Manufacturing and supplying of external equipment

    Manufacturing and supplying of external equipment

Perform all activities of the slaughterhouse complex [...] 

Foreign equipment supply 

Ehdas Sanat Company is active in designing, manufacturing, installing and implementing of livestock slaughterhouses in Iran, all the countries of Central Asia and the regions. Our company has been trained by a specialist, experienced cadre and having the advanced workshop facilities updated as worldwide. Relying on several years of our experience in implementing various projects both inside and outside the country and we announce our interest in providing all technical services and advice in the form of contract management (engineering, supply and construction) in livestock slaughterhouses projects.


Our mission

We are grateful that once again God gave us the success of service, in order to give our full potential to the sincerity and to the development of the agricultural industry and animal husbandry to flourishing of Iranian economy, with the support of your respected investors to take great strides. Our company has the mission of using its knowledge, valuable experience and brilliant records in designing and manufacturing livestock slaughterhouses and related infrastructure facilities, equipment, relying on experienced, competent and expert human resources, while maintaining the timing of the project towards the implementation of Standard quality and appropriate costs have been taken to ensure the satisfaction of the stakeholders. we have endeavored to become one of the most prestigious manufacturing companies at the national and regional levels .

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